These tried and tested resources have been produced by Mid Norfolk Kidz Klub to help other ministries outreach in their local schools and disciple their kids and young people. These resources have proven really successful and so we wanted to make them available to other ministries who might also benefit from them. We currently don’t have an online shop but get in contact with us if you would like to purchase them.



The Easter Experience – £15

The Christmas Experience – £15

These educational experiences offer an interactive way of delivering the Easter and Christmas Stories. Children engage in the stories through drama, film, visual and reflective activities. Children begin all together watching film and drama to remind themselves of the overall stories which most will have heard before. After splitting into groups they rotate around 5 workshops where they get to actively and prayerfully respond. This program works well in schools as a morning or afternoon session. We’ve found that a maximum of 100 children at a time makes group sizes manageable. So, you might have a year group or a whole school in one session depending on the size of your local schools! Within the pack, you receive all the information you need to run the workshops, as well digital content including videos and a sample letter to schools.

Our vision here at Mid Norfolk Kidz Klub was to offer this experience to our primary schools as a curriculum resource. We began six years ago by offering it as an RE lesson in one of our local schools. We now engage with approximately 1,500 children over two weeks delivering workshops in over 15 different schools.

Please email for more information or to purchase either of these resources.


Identity Discipleship Course – £20

Liverpool Frontline church introduced us to the Kidz Klub format back in 2002. This being a punchy, fun packed morning of games, craft, drama, songs and a simple Christian message conveyed in a variety of formats. Adapting this for missional work in Norfolk proved successful over the following years. Another visit to Liverpool introduced us to a course which aimed to transition the older Kidz Klub kids into youth. Again we adapted this to Norfolk and Identity was born. Our aim was to ensure that the year 6 kids left Kidz Klub with a full understanding of the Gospel message, have a considered opportunity to respond to the invitation Jesus gives to all of us and also explore how the Holy Spirit can then help them live out their Christian life. It is also an opportunity to bring together kids from church groups and from missional groups. We have found Identity to be a great launch pad for the development of youth discipleship groups. We have been greatly blessed by others sharing their ideas and so we pray that this Identity resource will prove a great blessing to your missional work.

Please email to purchase this resource.