• A Play by Riding Lights Theatre Company


Where Does Adventure Begin For You?

For most of us at Kidz Klub, our adventure started when we said yes to following Jesus. That’s why we do what we do, to give children the chance to say yes to Him as well. However, we aren’t the biggest influence on a child’s life, parents are. That’s why Riding Light Theatre Company is coming on 27th January to put on an amazing performance. The play is called ‘Where Adventure Begins’. It is described as “real, touching and hilarious”. Click here for more info…


In Other News 

WE NEED YOU! Kidz Klub is incredibly stretched at the moment. The amazing work we do has been growing for some time but unfortunately has become to much for our small team of 3 to handle. We would appreciate any help mid-week that you could offer. Alternatively, we are thinking about the possibility of employing another worker, so you can also give to us financially. Email kidzklub@folchurch.co.uk for information about how to do this. 

This year’s Training Day will take place on April 28th 2018. 

Mid Norfolk Kidz Klub is a ministry of the Fountain of Life Church, Ashill. Charity Number: 1153552