CAP Money Kids

Did you know that we form spending habits from as young as seven? With credit just a text away, it’s vital we give our children a head start in learning how to be money-wise. This course is ideal for helping young minds start exploring the value of money in a fun, engaging and relevant way.

Aimed at children aged 9-11 years old, CAP Money Kids meets national curriculum standards so it’s perfect for all Primary Schools. It sets the foundations of good money management to ensure children grow up to be financially capable adults.

The course is designed to run over two sessions lasting up to 1 hour and 35 minutes each (some activities are optional to allow flexibility in time). Sessions are taught through interactive stories, games and real life situations to engage children with the content. Children work in groups following the stories of three fictional characters to help them connect with the following principles:

  • How people earn money
  • What families spend their money on
  • How to create a budget
  • Why it’s important to save and give
  • The impact of debt on families

We’ve had great feedback from schools that have taken up these sessions. Here is one pupil’s response after experiencing CAP Money Kids:

A letter, from a child, written to the Kidz Klub team after doing CAP Money Kids in Heathersett Junior School.
A letter, from a child, written to the Kidz Klub team after doing CAP Money Kids in Hethersett Junior School.


We are now able to offer the CAP Money Youth Course. This is a similar course but focuses more on the consequences of debt and gives the students an opportunity to build their own budget.

To find out more and to book these workshops, please contact Maryanne Richardson.

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